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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Aunt Casey's Wedding

Haven't posted anything for a while, but this is a good one...
Matthew Helped setup chairs

Then he sat through the ceremony

(with a little help from stickers)

And he even made a friend afterwards


Blogger p-roc's mom said...

Cute stuff!! Good job with the stickers. It's the only way we keep P quiet on long chinatown bus rides to Philly and whatnot. :)

9/24/2008 10:11 PM

Blogger Casey Beth said...

i have a really disturbing picture of matthew and lucien a the moment of impact. i was so worried that we were going to have a hospital visit when he hit his head. i should have warned you that luc was a little rowdy. matthew's tough, though! so cute in his cowboy shirt!

9/28/2008 3:19 PM


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