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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New Christmas Decorations

Got some new baby-focused decorations at Costco...alarming change to decorating sensibilities....

This one has lots of cool doors for hiding Mama's collection of monster-finger-puppets.

Matthew loves the new penguin...gives it hugs.

Mama's not so bad to give a hug every now & then, too.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am stilllll loving your hair!!
What a big boy!!

Anna dk

12/11/2007 2:21 AM

Blogger p-roc's mom said...

true dat. your hair looks awesome. and that is a cute little boy! man, is he always that sweet? what's your secret, yo? :)

12/13/2007 7:51 PM

Blogger Casey Beth said...

sweet picture of momma hug

12/15/2007 6:22 PM


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