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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Earth Day 2007

Matthew visited Centennial Park for his first Earth Day, where he heard a free concert from the Gabe Dixon Band, checked out the older kids, played in ice, ate french fries (?), and squinted into the setting sun...
On the walk back to the car (yes, it is possible to take an urban walk in Nashville!!!), Matthew and Daddy encountered the remnants of a fraternity Luau party that had apparently begun at noon... you can't see the cops on the opposite corner, but you can make out the leather bar on the lawn. Daddy's sticking to coffee.
Matthew was overjoyed that his case of Veggie Booty finally arrived after two weeks from Nevada. He began restocking straight away, as his last bag was strewn across the kitchen floor...
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Anonymous Pops said...

Hey Matthew...that lawn looks like Uncle Hef's dorm room his freshman year at IU! Don't let Mommy eat all your veggie booty.
Love you, Pops

4/25/2007 2:17 PM


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